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Why Local

HQed right here in Sarasota, Florida, Rewired is all about that local vibe. Founded by three hometown bros who grew up here, we’ve got a serious passion for working with local businesses and helping them crush it. Knowing this town inside and out, we create marketing strategies that hit home with the Sarasota crowd.


Our local roots mean we’ve got connections all over the place, giving us the inside track to make your marketing pop. We’re not just about business—we’re about building up our community and watching local businesses thrive. When you work with us, you’re not just getting a marketing team; you’re getting a crew that’s got your back and knows what it takes to succeed here.


And let’s be real, we deliver results that speak volumes. Combining the latest marketing trends with our love for Sarasota, we create campaigns that seriously kick ass. From killer digital ads to standout content and branding, we’re all about helping local businesses dominate. In Sarasota, we’re more than just another marketing agency—we’re your hometown bros who absolutely crush it.

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Exclusive to You

We work exclusively with one client in each industry in our local area.




Whether you sell a product or have a service-based business in the area, we can develop a playbook tailored to your needs.

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