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Our Story

Three years ago, when we started Rewired, we didn’t know which industry to focus on. With experience from an automotive agency we took to #1 on Facebook, we knew picking the right niche was crucial. Erik’s neighbor introduced us to Angelo Ragone, at NBI Suncontrol. Initially, we questioned the market for window film products. Four months later, after trial and error, Angelo was so impressed with our 3M Flat Glass Playbook that he urged us to contact other dealers.

We discovered the window film industry was behind in digital marketing, with few dealers using targeted social ads. Our passion for helping middle America aligned perfectly with this industry’s high demand and need for advanced marketing strategies. Now, Rewired partners with over 80 window film dealers nationwide!

Dealer Partners
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Strategic Partnership

We’re also partnered with the 3M Master Distributor, Energy Products Distribution (EPD), working directly with their Vice President, Manny Hondroulis.


Here’s what Manny had to say about working with us:


Rewired Technologies is our preferred digital marketing company for “surgical strikes”. When we need to target an online audience with a specific marketing message, Rewired Technologies can go from start to finish in a matter of days. Moreover, they need little direction from us, having command of our industry. Their strategy results in audience engagement that turns into genuine leads. We recommend Rewired Technologies to any company looking to generate leads via strategic digital marketing.”

Dominate your MSA with Rewired Technologies
Dominate Your MSA

The question is never will you achieve a return on investment, the question is how much of a return.



Become the exclusive dealer in your MSA so we can help you dominate and brand yourself as the go-to film or tint dealer.

Case Studies

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